It's a matter of immense pride for the entire team that Ms. Sonal Malhotra, VP, Asti infotech Pvt Ltd got featured in the Forbes April 2020 edition in an aptly titled feature: Championing the Business Game.

The article succinctly sums up Sonal’s success story from the time she joined Asti in 2013 to her current position as Vice President of the company. Sheer hard work, in-depth understanding of the market as well as a keen eye for adopting technologies that transformed the business landscape have stood Sonal in great stead along her remarkable journey to becoming a business leader and ‘champion’ in her own right.

Ms. Sonal Malhotra has consistently proven to be a dynamic and inspiring businesswoman who is determined to succeed despite all odds and obstacles that may come her way. Her passion for work and vision for growth have taken Asti Infotech to the next level of success. Recognition by Forbes magazine has added another feather to her cap and given impetus to the team to continue striving for technological excellence.

Under her guidance and dynamic leadership, Asti Infotech has developed an array of advanced solutions for optimization and efficiency enhancement of business processes through automation. With an eye towards the future, the company employs state-of-the-art IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Image & Video Processing technologies to ensure accuracy and reliability of all solutions, thereby combining human acuity with machine intelligence.

Sonal has not only helped Asti Infotech to evolve as per the demands of an ever-changing business ecosystem, but has also made a mark in the industry with her relentless pursuit of excellence in all spheres of business leadership. As a woman and an exemplary leader, she inspires everyone in the team to pursue excellence and strive to be the best in their fields.

We congratulate Ms. Sonal Malhotra for her spectacular achievement and wish her the best for all her future endeavours. We are positive that this recognition marks the dawn of a new era for Asti Infotech Pvt Ltd under a leader like her.