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To register for our DialTM trial version, you can go to our dialTM website and then click on Join/Host meeting; you will then be directed to the login page. Click on register button and fill in your name, email, mobile number and set your password. After this, you can login using your mail id as username, with the password you have given during registration.
For scheduling your meeting, first add your organization details by clicking on + icon in the ‘About’ section. Enter your name, email, contact, country, address, state, city and type of Industry. Now your organisation code (‘orgcode’) is generated and you can go to ‘levels’ and add levels to give a naming convention to your meeting names. Then add any topic name by clicking on the topic and then + icon. Now you can set your meetings by clicking on ‘create meeting’ icon on top right side.
To schedule a recurring meeting, click on the topic name and then on ‘create meeting’ icon on meeting page. Now in the ‘type of meeting’ drop-down you can select the type as Daily, Day basis (any specific day of the week) and Monthly meeting. This will help you to schedule recurring meetings in one step.
Just after login, you can click on the “Start new meeting” button and can share the code or click on “copy URL” option to share the meeting invite with others via e-mail or any other medium.
Click on “Join Meeting” button on the top of the landing page after login. Now you can enter the meeting code in the text box and click on ‘join’.
Mshop live is a video shopping platform to connect the shopkeepers/suppliers with the customers in a virtual meeting place where the product could be showcased and deal finalized, with payment gateway integrated.
Any kirana store, dukaan, supplier, wholesaler, retailer, exhibitionist can use the solution to connect with the customers seamlessly.
This is a video platform where you can connect with your customers easily via video calling. Supplier will have a login and the shop link which the customers can visit and connect.
In this case the calling customer will get the message that he is in the queue and the token number will be given to him. Meanwhile the shop keeper can finish other calls. Token number will be updated and my number in the queue will be displayed to me. Once the queue is over the customer will be connected with the shop keeper.
Yes the customer gets the option to make payment while being on call. The link will be shared with them for the amount and they can make the payment through various options.
You can track your sales agents in real-time with the real-time mobile location tracker, Imprint. The GPS tracking app for employees provides insight about the live location of your salesforce, their meetings, and closures.
It is a field staff /executives’ performance monitoring tool, which will help you to schedule, manage, track and analyze field operations in real time and reduce the manual efforts.
Imprint, is the best app for tracking attendance which automatically marks the attendance of employees when they login to their mobile app.
A Salesforce GPS tracking software benefits organisation in many ways. Field force management app maximizes the transparency, boosts efficiency, creates trust among businesses & sales agents, minimizes costs and improves your brand building.
It is flexible and can be used by any department that has a mobility requirement of staff.
You can track your kid inside the school and while commute with the help of Trakom, GPRS/RFID tracking system. GPS helps to track the real-time location of school bus. RFID helps to monitor your child’s activity within school premises.
The GPS tracking device is installed into a vehicle and it uses the GPS technology to know the vehicle location. The information gathered is stored in the device and then transmitted to the wireless or cellular network. It travels to the server and these servers allow you to access the information from anywhere, any device.
Trakom, smart tracking app with GPS/RFID technology helps you to track the school bus in and out of school premises.
Yes, it can be installed in any school bus types.
This depends on the system and the type of camera used in the vehicle. Mainly two types of cameras can be used, one which works with the battery and other one works when connected to the vehicle engine.

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