Driver Drowsiness/Fatigue

Driver drowsiness is a combination of driving & sleepiness. This usually happens because of a lack of sleep due to continuous shifts, sleeping disorders, medications, or consumption of alcohol. Driver Fatigue will affect the driver's attention, perception, thinking, judgment, decision making, and other aspects which may lead to road accidents.
Every year, there is a noticeable increase in the number of deaths and fatalities injuries globally that impacts the perception of the safety measures of various transport agencies.

Driver drowsiness detection system is the proprietary AI-based solution using a vision-based analysis system to detect driver fatigue, drowsiness, and distraction. An alarm/buzzer is raised to warn drivers that they need to rest or break. At the same time the information is passed to the fleet management control room. An important aspect here is it monitors all potential symptoms of fatigue i.e. closing the eyelids, slow eye movements, yawning, and drooping head. The sophisticated algorithm allows the device to understand the state of the drivers in real-time conditions, even during dark or dim light.

Driver Fatigue Alarm

Driver Fatigue Alarm

  • The unique vision-based algorithm detects and analyzes the changing characteristics of drivers. When it judges a driver in fatigue status, our edge computing device installed in the vehicle will prompt the driver with an alarm.
Driver Drowsiness Detection Solution

Driver Distraction Alarm

  • The driving distraction detection is identified when a driver looks around or does not concentrates on the road. The drowsiness detection device raises an alarm to notify the driver of his distraction.
Driver Drowsiness Detection Solution

Driver Fatigue Signals or Images Output

  • Driver Fatigue & Drowsiness Detection system can connect with the GPS and send the fatigue signals or images to the fleet management center so that the supervisor can know the driver’s real-time situation and take action in time for a better fleet safety management.


  • Provides alerts/warnings for driver fatigue and distraction:
    Generates alarms to avoid accidents caused by distractions while driving like talking to passengers, bowing the head, gazing around, or spending a considerable amount of time in operating audio and navigation systems.
  • Excellent detection ability even with glasses:
    With regular glasses or non-reflection light sunglasses, the drowsiness detection system can always make an accurate analysis of the driver’s fatigue state.
  • Easy to be installed and used:
    Our edge computing device has a small and compact size, which hardly influences the driver’s view of sight. It can be easily installed on the dashboard.
  • Works around all day, under any weather:
    Whether in the daytime or nights, rainy or snowy day, the system can always make an accurate analysis of the driver’s fatigue state.
  • Integrated with the fleet management system:

    Easy integration with the fleet management system enables the manager to monitor the total driver behavior on a single platform.

How It Works?

It employs next-gen technological advancements, yet the working is supremely simple for anybody to understand. It's a dash cam with edge computing, which can be installed easily and start sending alerts for sleepiness and drowsiness once the car starts moving

Driver Drowsiness Detection Solution
Driver Drowsiness Detection Solution
Driver Drowsiness Detection Solution
Driver Drowsiness Detection Solution
Install The Device
When Installed
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Starts Monitoring
Fatigue Situation
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Generating Alert