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How healthcare industries benefit from image/video analytics

09 May 2019

Elderly monitoring system have made opportunities to better manage your parent’s or grandparent’s health and well-being from anywhere, anytime on mobility platforms. Caring for aged or disabled parents is significant because, they will find difficulties in doing things of their own in their old age. People who don’t stay with their parents, provides them extra care by appointing a home care nurse. But how do you know about the quality of care they provide to your parents, stay updated about their activities, presence of a nurse, ensure safety of your parent or when they might need help?

Elderly or disabled care is a real challenge in the healthcare industry today. The continuous transformation of technology is shaping up the future of various industries including healthcare industry. Technology is a perfect tool that brings elderly care at your fingertips. Today, there are many ways in which technology can help you stay on top of your parent’s health and safety. AI based elderly or disabled care monitoring system can be used with a smart phone which helps you provide better care and attention.

The system helps you monitor activities of your parents and home care nurse to ensure health and safety of your loved ones.
The monitoring system uses a camera to constantly capture images and videos which monitors the activities, behaviours and gestures. Machine learning and processing based on AI identifies every images/video which gets captured and adds to its teaching set for a better learning.
Elderly parents have the chances of falling and getting injuries which needs to be given attention. The system provides you real-time alerts on emergencies, falls, immobility or any case of trouble for your parents.

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