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RFID tracking system
The Benefits of Automated Online School Attendance Management System

18 May 2019

Ensuring student safety and having an organised educational environment is significant for schools. Attendance management plays a major role in monitoring student/staffs in an educational institution or organisation. Online school attendance management system is the need of the hour for every educational institution for efficient monitoring. Managing students and staff’s attendance becomes burdensome if done manually. In this automated age, school attendance must be automated and upgraded which makes the tedious works easy for the school authorities. Having a software with the best available technologies helps to fulfil organizational needs.

RFID tracking system
Uses of RFID system in school premises

23 February 2017

To ensure child safety in India, most of the schools today are using RFID technology. The reason behind growing demand of RFID in school industry is its affordable cost and efficiency. Schools are using RFID in their libraries, entry gates and school buses so that it is easier to track the students inside the school premises. The use of RFID system in school premises not only improves student security, but also helps in better management of the school.

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Technological Advancements on School Bus Transportation

21 February 2017

For the past few years, technology advancements have constantly influenced School transportation system. IT companies are considering it as a golden opportunity to prove the capability of modern technology in solving security issues of the school bus transportation system. Indeed, their effort is reflected in the modern school bus transportation, which combines global positioning system and radio frequency identification.

School Bus Routing
School Management System: Simplifies Student Tracking And School Bus Routing.

06 December 2016

Manually managing the daily attendance & records of students, teaching and non-teaching staff is a cumbersome job for the school administration. Continuing with the same traditional, old fashioned school management techniques will not be relevant in the coming years as now a cost-friendly, effective and simple to use solution is available for all, which not only simplifies student tracking but also improves school bus safety.

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How Education Industry has been Benefited by RFID Tracking Technology?

21 December 2016

RFID or Radio frequency identification is a wireless system which is based on radio signals that transfer information from a tag which can be attached to objects like ID cards, books, goods, etc. The tags attached to the objects send radio frequency signals to RFID readers/scanners for the purpose of identification and tracking.

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