Worried for the safety of your children in school buses?

Worried for the safety of your children in school buses?

As parents we try to ensure that our kids are safe and comfortable in every situation and at all times. Most of us residing in metros and big cities rely on school buses for the safe commute of our children to-and-from their schools every day. But does that truly assure us peace of mind and complete safety of our kids? Or are we still worried if our child is delayed even by a few minutes in reaching home? Especially in these times when we hear of so many mishaps, accidents and worrying news related to school-going children.

That’s where smart buses equipped with GPS & RFID trackers come in and offer School Bus Safety 2.0! These new-age trackers keep you updated at all times about the exact location of your child’s bus, as well as send timely messages and updates about any changes in schedule or a delay due to unforeseen circumstances.

Here are the top 5 reasons why choosing GPS-tracker equipped buses assure you complete peace of mind and a reliable safety system for your kids:

  • If the school bus is equipped with a tracking solution the driver will always be under pressure that someone is supervising him, and will thereby refrain from any wrongdoings.
  • The GPS tracker enables real-time tracking of the school buses. So at any point of time both the school admin and parents can track the exact location of the school bus. Thus in case the bus driver deviates from the fixed route, parents and school admin can easily detect and can take necessary actions immediately.
  • If the bus is running behind schedule due to traffic jams or some machinery failure, the parents will get notified before time. This eliminates the chances of parents getting worried and thinking negative thoughts about the child’s safety.
  • All possible routes to a particular place can be viewed on the map, which help the new drivers in taking the best possible route and ensuring a smooth journey for the kids.
  • An RFID scanner supported by the tracking software further adds value by ensuring student tracking and attendance while boarding and de-boarding the bus.

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